Setting Alerts

From the Devices menu, click on a device to open that device’s menu. 

Once open, you will see the menu on the left side of the screen with the device information, and Alerts under the blue bar:

To turn an alert on, click on the Status slider across from the desired alert. When blue and to the right, the alert is turned on. When to the left, the alert is turned off.

To add phone number and email addresses to an alert, click the blue gear icon next to the alert. This will open the Alert Menu:

You can add phone numbers and Email Addresses using the “Add custom recipients phone or email” field, clicking the “Add” button once the number or email address has been typed in.

Email addresses and phone numbers already added to the device will appear under “Email/Phone”

Alerts Settings - 

Some alerts have adjustable settings, such as Speed Threshold, Harsh Braking, & Rapid Acceleration alerts. To adjust these settings, click “Settings” at the top of the Alerts menu.

Simply adjust the slider to the desired value.

Do Not Disturb -

You can also add Do Not Disturb periods for the alert at the bottom. Do Not Disturb periods will disable alerts for the selected time periods, so no alerts texted or emails will be generated for the selected time period. 

To add a Do Not Disturb time, start by clicking the slide to On (to the right and blue). Next, click on the day of the week you wish to set a Do Not Disturb period for. Click the plus (+) button and use the drop down menu to select a time range for the Do Not Disturb period:

Repeat this process for every time period and day of the week you wish to set Do Not Disturb periods for the device.

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