To Add, Edit, and Remove Geofence layers select the Layers button in the top right of the Map:

Geofences will remain invisible on the map until you select the checkbox next to the Geofence name.

To add a Geofence, select the plus (+) icon. This will open a new menu, and a Geofence area will appear on the map:

Move the Geofence area over the location you wish to receive Geofence alerts for by clicking the center dot of the fence and dragging it where you wish to center the fence. 

The shape can be adjusted by selecting “Ellipses” or “Rectangle”, then dragging the drag icons on the top and right of the Geofence area:

To finish creating the fence: 

  1. Select the geofence icon, or leave it the default truck
  2. Select a color for the Geofence Area (default is grey)
  3. Enter a label for the Geofence, such as “Home” or “Office”
  4. Optional: You can enter a description of the Geofence at the bottom
  5. Optional: You can make the Geofence a Waypoint. Making it a Waypoint changes all tracking points under that Geofence Area so that they will now show the Waypoint label instead of the street address. For example, a tracking point that normally reads “123 My Street, Anytown, USA” that is placed within a Waypoint Geofence labelled “Home”, will now show “Home” under the address for that tracking point.
  6. Click Save. A new menu will appear to add text and email alerts for the Geofence

  1. Toggle the Status slide to turn the Geofence alert on or off. It is on when toggled to the right and blue, it is off when to the left. 
  2. Click the blue gear icon next to the alert to add phone numbers and email addresses to receive the Geofence alert. See “Setting Alerts” for more details.
  3. Your new Geofence is complete!

You can edit a Geofence by selecting Layers, then selecting the blue pencil icon next to the Geofence.

You can delete a Geofence by selecting Layers, then selecting the blue garbage can icon next to the Geofence.

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