Alerts Descriptions - GL300 Portable

Alerts Descriptions - GL300 Portable

SOS - When the SOS is initiated an alert will be sent every 60 seconds for 30 minutes updating the location of the tracker

  • To initiate SOS: Press and hold the SOS button on the side of the tracker for 4-5 seconds. The tracker will emit 5 short beeps. This will indicate that the SOS has been initiated.
  • To deactivate the SOS and stop notifications: Turning off the tracker will cancel the SOS

Power Off & Power On - These alerts will be sent whenever the device reports it is being powered off, or powered on respectively.

Low Battery  - An Alert will be sent when the device reports low power.

Speed - Speed Alert - The Speed Alert will be triggered when speed is above the set threshold for 15 seconds. The event is reset when speed is 15 mph below the threshold.

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