Alerts Descriptions - MT-OBD II

Alerts Descriptions - MT-OBD II Plug n Play:

Heartbeat  - A "Heartbeat" is a report that your unit sends out once a day (24 hours) letting you know it is still connected and functioning.

This can be valuable if your vehicle is parked somewhere for days at a time so that you can have peace of mind knowing the location of your vehicle and that your tracker is working.

Harsh Breaking/Rapid Acceleration - Accelerator Alerts are triggered when the vehicle accelerates or decelerates in an aggressive fashion. These alerts may be indicative of aggressive driving. This will alert for harsh braking outside the normal parameters.

Idle / Idle Threshold - An Alert will be sent when the vehicle idles longer than the designated amount of time and at every interval of that time that the vehicle continues to idle.

Ignition On/Off - A notification will be sent stating that the ignition has been switched on or off. The tracker’s location can then be viewed on your online map.

Power Up / Power Reset  - An Alert is triggered each time the tracker Powers Up (gains power after being powered off). The Alert will include the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle it is connected to if available. This Alert may be indicative of tampering and should be closely monitored.

  • Should the device be intentionally or accidentally removed from the OBD port, the device will alert when it is re-connected. VIN information included in the Alert report will help identify the vehicle to which the device is connected so that it can be determined if the device was placed into a different vehicle to avoid detection or for unauthorized purposes.
  • Instances of this alert should be carefully scrutinized to determine if improper conduct has taken place.

Max Speed / Speed Alert: The Speed Alert will be triggered when speed is above threshold for 15 seconds. The event is reset when speed is 15 mph below the threshold.

Posted Speed Limit / Speed Limit Violation (Currently in Beta and available on Premium service plans only): The Posted Speed Limit alert compares the speed the vehicle is moving with a database of posted speeds and will be triggered at the end of the trip.

Tow / Tow Alert: A notification will be sent when the vehicle is being towed, and when it has stopped being towed. The tracker’s location can then be viewed on your online map.

Volts / Battery Threshold: Set your voltage threshold in 0.1 increments i.e. 11.4 The Voltage Alert will be triggered when vehicle's battery voltage drops below the threshold.

  • Enabling this alert with any number will also enable the Voltage Power Down Alert.
  • Voltage Power Down occurs when the vehicles battery voltage falls below normal operating parameters for 10 minutes, regardless of threshold set by you above. In this case the device will send the Low Voltage Power Down Alert and then power down to keep from draining the vehicles battery
  • Once the vehicle's battery voltage returns to normal range the device will power up again and resume tracking.

Engine Codes - Check Engine Light: An alert will be sent when the vehicle reports an engine code (does not include TPMS faults or maintenance reminder lights)

  • Although every effort is made to get all information possible, some vehicles do not follow standard reporting methods and may have limited or no information available.
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