GPS Alerts Icons

Alerts Icons are special symbols you will see on your Map to denote an Alert or Event that was triggered

Ignition On  / Ignition Off - Indicates vehicle's ignition has turned on and when the ignition turns off.

Power On / Power Off - Indicates that the device (not the vehicle) has powered on and powered off.

Rapid Acceleration / Harsh Breaking - Indicates that the vehicle has rapidly gained speed over a short time, or that the vehicle has rapidly slowed down over a short time.

Heartbeat - Generic diagnostic report that is generated once every 24 hours. Indicates device has power and is connected to the network at the time of report.

Speed Threshold - Device has exceeded maximum speed threshold set by user for at least 15 seconds. 

Idle Alert - Vehicle has remained stationary with ignition on for longer than the idle alert period (default 20 minutes) set by the user.

Idle Start / Idle Stop - Indicates when device detects that the vehicle began idling and when the vehicle stopped idling. Not available with all devices & service plans.

Tow Start / Tow Stop - Indicates that the device has detected the vehicle has started to be towed (Large change in GPS location without detecting ignition on) and when it has detected the tow has stopped.

SOS - Available only for Portable devices, this alert indicates that the SOS button has been depressed for at least 5 seconds.

Alert Icon - Any alert not specified above will show up as this alert icon. Click on the point for additional details.

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