Connector Port Types

The type of diagnostic port your vehicle has determines how the HD-OBD needs to be programmed, as well as the type of Y-cable you will need. Please read about the different types of diagnostics ports below, and be sure to let your sales representative know which applies to you.

The following are the common types of diagnostics ports:

Modern 9-pin & 9-pin High Speed (green) connectors are J1939 type diagnostic ports. 

Some vehicles before 2008 with 9-pin connectors may be J1708 type ports. Drivers will need to contact their manufacturers for exact specifications.

Please note: A green High Speed cable will work in a normal 9-pin port BUT a normal 9-pin cable WILL NOT work with a green High Speed port.

6-pin connectors are J1708 type diagnostic ports.

Finally, some vehicles will use OBD II ports. These will not require any type of cable, however OBD Replicator cables are available (see for details)

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