1) Download  

Download the App on either an Android tablet or smartphone. The smartphone or tablet with the app will need to be in the vehicle whenever it is driving.

App Currently Supports Android Devices Only

To download, open the Play Store on your device.

In the “Google Play” search bar type in “MasTrack ELD”.The “MasTrack eLog” app will be listed. Click on it and select “install”.
2) Installation
The Electronic Logging Device can be plugged directly into an OBD II port.If your vehicle uses a 6- or 9-pin diagnostic port, then use the Heavy Duty Y-Cable to connect your device.

3) Logging In

Internet Connection Required When Logging In

To sync your app with the ELD, make sure that the device is installed and open the app while sitting in the vehicle.

Log in using your MasTrack eLog Driver account.

With the app open, if this is your first time connecting to the device you will see a yellow bar across the top with the option to “Connect”.Select “Connect”, then “Manual Connection”.You will see a list of VBUS Device providers. Select “Geometris” then click Next.Your App will scan for nearby devices. The closest devices will appear at the top. Select the device in your vehicle.From now on, your app will automatically connect the that device.

Your ELD setup is now complete!

App Help
The full user-guide can be accessed from the app. Once logged in, select the Menu bars in the top left corner, and select Help & Support.

This will provide detailed instructions on how to use all app features.

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