Data Diagnostics & Malfunctions

Data Diagnostics and Malfunctions occur when information required to be collected by the device is not received. 

Data Diagnostics show when information was not collected within the mandated 5 second window. Data Diagnostics can warn of an impending issue, especially when multiple instances of the same Data Diagnostic occur. 

Drivers should make note of Data Diagnostics when they appear, and clear them once they are aware of the Data Diagnostic. Data Diagnostic events can be found on the notifications tab in the HOS screen as a "D" (see picture below). They can also be found on the log only after selecting "Show All".

Malfunctions show when important information was not collected over the course of 30 minutes in a 24 hour period. These will cause the app to stop recording the specified data type until the malfunction is cleared - it is vitally important to read, clear, and address malfunctions as soon as possible as they indicate a serious issue. 

Malfunctions will cause a pop up, a sound notification, and will be found on the HOS screen as a "M" (see picture above).  They can also be found on the log only after selecting "Show All".

A "D" or "M" notification will be yellow/orange in color if it has new and unread Data Diagnostics or Malfunctions.

A "D or "M" notification will be white in color if it contains old but uncleared Data Diagnostics or Malfunctions. 

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