ELD Guides - Printable Guides and Rules

Use the following to download, print, and use the following User Guides for the MasTrack ELD - eLog app.

The User Guide provides complete instructions, while the Quick Reference Guide is a condensed version which will cover most day-to-day driver requirements and activities.

To view the User Guide from within the app, open the main menu at the top left next to Hours of Service, and then select "Help & Support". This will then open the full User Guide, broken down by topic.

MasTrack eLog User Guide: Matrack-User-Guide.zip MasTrack eLog Quick Reference Guide: Matrack-Quick-Reference-Guide.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Can the required ELD Information Packet be in electronic form?

A: Yes - the FMCSA has confirmed that the legally required information packet can be in electronic form and this will fulfill all requirements for documentation.

LINK: ELD Electronic Forms FMCSA.pdf

Q: Under what circumstances may a driver operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) as a personal conveyance?

A: LINK: FMCSA - Personal Conveyance

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