GL300 Troubleshooting

Turning on/off

The device will take several seconds to turn off with a good GPS signal, and up to 1 minute to turn off with no/poor GPS signal, as it will attempt to report before turning off.

The device will automatically turn on if plugged into the extended battery or charger, and will automatically turn off if unplugged. It will not turn off when plugged into either of these unless it is unplugged, in which case it will turn off instantly without reporting.

GL300 - Lights

The lights on your GL300 device can provide useful information for diagnosing any potential problems with your device. The lights may be dim, so when checking them, it can be useful to shade the device so the lights may be seen more clearly.           


Blue - This light indicates GPS signal to the device, which the device uses to receive its live and recorded GPS data. When the device attempts to report, the Blue GPS light will start blinking rapidly until it receives good GPS signal and turns solid. Once the report is made, the light will go out.

Red - This is the power light. When turning on the device the lights will begin blinking, starting with Red. After booting up the Red light will be dark, unless it blinks slowly to indicate low battery.

Green - This light indicates Cell signal to the device, which the device uses to transmit its live and recorded GPS data. The Green cell light will blink rapidly until it connects to the cellular network. Once connected it will blink every 2 seconds.

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