Generating Reports

Reports are used to generate text-based tracking information about your device. This information includes data about time, date, location, alerts generated, speed, miles traveled, and more.

To Generate a Report:

1. Select Reports from the top menu bar:

2. This will take you to the Reports page:

3. Once on the Reports page, select the desired device nickname from the drop down menu. 

Next, you will want to select the Report Type:

All - All Reports show all the tracking data and alerts collected in a line-by-line format. This is the best way to view individual points of tracking and get the most information possible. See example below.

Travel - Travel Reports give you a summary of each trip taken by the device. These will include when and where each trip started, stopped, duration of the trip, miles traveled, and any alerts generated during the trip. See example below.

Unauthorized Usage - To learn about Unauthorized Usage Reports, see the directions at the bottom of the page.

4. Select your Start date and End date for the Report. Please note, for plans such as the Premium plan which can generate a large amount of data, it may be necessary to generate several smaller-range Reports to avoid timing out the browser, for example: an All Report spanning 12 months will usually time out the browser, and may require 4 3-month All Reports be made instead. 

Finally, select "Search" to view your Report.

You can print your Report by selecting the Printer icon once the Report has been generated:

You can download a .CSV file of the Report by selecting the .CSV icon once the Report has been generated:

 All Report Example:

Travel Report Example:

Unauthorized Usage Reports

The Unauthorized Usage Report allows you to easily identify unauthorized trips made with the vehicle.

To use this Report, first navigate to the Reports section. Once on the Reports screen, select "Unauthorized Usage":

Unlike other Reports, the Unauthorized Usage Report allows you to select multiple vehicles from your vehicle list. Select one by simply clicking on it. Select multiple vehicles by holding down the Ctrl button while left clicking (Ctrl + left click) the desired vehicle nicknames. 

Use the Start and End fields to select the date range you wish to run the report for. In the section labeled "Authorized Usage Time Block:" enter the date and time range that the vehicle is AUTHORIZED to be used. If you wish to enter multiple dates and times, select "Add Another Time Block" (ex: 01/12/2017 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM, 01/13/2017 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM.)

Once all desired vehicles, Authorized Usage Time Blocks, and the date range for the Report are selected, click "Search" on the bottom of the screen. The Report will show any trips taken outside the Authorized Usage Time Block, thus denoting trips that were not authorized. 


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