Customizing Alerts and Device Settings

The Device and Alerts Settings are set and managed directly from the device map. To do this, open the device map and find the tool bar 

at the top of the map. Click on the "Settings" icon on the tool bar . 

From here are the options to select "Device Settings", 'Manage Alerts" and "Emails & Phones". 

Click on “Device Settings” to change the time zone, device name or icon displayed on the map.

We suggest clicking on "Emails & Phones" next and add any email addresses and cell phone numbers that will be later added to alerts. Once done, these email addresses and phone numbers will saved to your account, so they only need to be added once.

Click on the "Manage Alerts" selection to set up and manage alert notifications for specific events (it may take a moment for the page to load as the system searches for any alerts that may already have been set) Once the "Manage Alerts" menu opens, click on the question mark icon  next to each Alert name to see more information about that alert.

You can activate or deactivate any alert by clicking the On/Off toggle switch corresponding to the alert. Switching an alert off will stop all notifications for that alert.

If the alert has additional settings and isn't just On and Off e.g. "Speed", you may change the setting associated to the alert by clicking "change" in the "Settings" column next to the alert.

You may select where you would like an alert notification to be sent by clicking "change" in the "Phone/Email" column next to the alert. The phone numbers and emails addresses already associated to your account from the previous step will be pre-generated. You can either click "Save" to have all these numbers and email addresses notified each time the alert is triggered OR you can deselect any of the notification options to only have some of the phone numbers or email addresses receive a notification OR click on "Add New Phone or Email" to add additional email addresses or phone numbers to be notified then click "Save"

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